How to use the RSS Feed Importer

Here’s a write-up for the plugin.


Installation is straight-forward like most other WordPress plugins. Just go into your wordpress back-end, click on plugins, click add plugin, and then search for “rss feed importer”. From there download the first plugin that is displayed. It will be the one with the purple icon.

You can also follow the link here

Once installed you should be able to see the TW RSS Feed options in your wordpress administrator section.

Grabbing content from the feed lists

To get the content from the feeds into your wordpress back-end. Make sure you have a list of active rss feeds. If they are not active, content will not be displayed.

Also make sure that you have rights to grab the content from the feeds you are using. Most rss feeds do not need a login, but if they do please feel free to contact me and I should be able to guide you through on how to link your domain to their domain for easier access, unless otherwise specified.

Again be careful to make sure that you also have the rights to download full-content if you’re using the full-content button.

Inserting into pages/posts/anywhere

To insert the plugin content (the feeds) into your posts, pages, or anywhere you’d like, just add this code into the content:

[ feed_searches][/feed_searches]

From there the plugin will search for any content that has been added since the plugin was installed.

To display content by category make sure you:
1. Know which categories you’d like to display
2. Make sure that the content for that category has been updated and is populated.

If all has been done correctly, you should be able to get the information posted directly to your content with the following tags.

[ feed_searches category_name="name of the category being used"][/feed_searches]

You can also give the shortcode, the bracketed content for display the feed information, a total number of posts to be displayed using the following.

[ feed_searches posts_per_page="30"][/feed_searches]

Remember if you do not give it a category_name it will take from all feeds and display the total amount of posts_per_page.

Also be aware not to set the number too high for your server if it is not setup to take in a large amount of content in one go … this does use the wordpress backend which utilizes a mysql database.

Widget Addon

Go into the Appearance/Widgets settings and make sure you are able to see the TW RSS Feed widget.

From there drag and drop the widget into the sidebar/widget section that you’d like and select the parameters you’d like to use on the widget.

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12 Responses

  1. Francesco says:

    See this page :

    I have imported a rss feed I want to know if it’s possible to show this feed at the first place, in order of creation list

    • monkeyboz says:

      Use the parameters orderby=”ID” order=”ASC” inside the feed_searches shortcode for instance use the following:

      [feed_searches orderby="ID" order="ASC"][/feed_searches]

  2. Francesco says:

    explain : the first post in the list is very past i want

  3. Alex says:


    I would like to inquire about adding rss feeder into WPTouch.
    Basically I do have a site which is
    The Desktop site is normal ads about what we can do.

    In the WPTouch mobile(which is running now), I would like to make it as a news feed site.
    How can I add the shortcode to the WPTouch ?

    Below is the PHP code from WPTouch Bauhaus/themes

    *//Should i add RS Feed code here? And what coding should I put?

    Testing new Mobile Device Template. Text align center and padding 10px

  4. behan says:

    Hi! Trying this out. Installed plugin, added a couple of feeds, put
    on a page where I want them displayed…

    …page shows “%CODE1%” instead of eeds.

    puzzled! I must have missed a step?

  5. John says:

    is there a way to pull code from between specified tag?

  6. Dev says:

    The shortcode is not working….

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