Working with the great developers and designers at Heaven Spot, I was able to get a large drag and drop CMS for coachella up and running with a api call connection to facebook, and a very sleek css schema lined up.

There were several challenges with this project, one of which included single logins using facebook with both the front facing website, vbulletin, and goldenvoice’s ticketing system for coachella.  Working with 3 logins and having all content being delivered into one central database for caching made it a great project to work on.  We used several database schemas at first to make the most of what technologies we could use.

One option was to use the vbulletin website as the main database, but that proved overly complicated and dangerous in the fact that if vbulletin went down because of a usage spike, the entire website would go down.  We chose to go with our original gut feeling, 2 databases with a backup database used for usage spikes during the release of the coachella lineup.  This allowed the server to still remain in fully functioning order, and allowed us to further optimize the vbulletin database without any downtime.

The other issue was content delivery.  With several shared servers, all used interchangeable for various other project, we were perplexed about why there would even be a drop in service.  Luckily we had done research beforehand on several other projects and came up with an even better idea.  We decided to pitch and use the amazon AWS cloud services.  With the EC2, and S3 dynamic setup, we would make it easier for the company to save money when data usages were up, as well as brought a new technology not used very often at the time (data structures based purely on usage, as well as availability of user driven content).

These advances allowed us to grab from several sources, while allowing us to balance the load on the coachella servers not being used in excess for more complicated routines and allowed for growth of the project with easier installation if other festivals were being included later down the line.

We had a great time working with all the available technologies at the time, experimenting with new ideas, and making the festival website look, function, and exist as the creators project itself.