Gate Lockdown – PHP Gated Security System

This project worked extensively with custom code for a gated security system with multiple security companies. It was custom designed by me and coded by me. It was being used by There were various informational traps that could create various issues in the back-end if there weren’t proper mappings in the database. After a few weeks of working out the bugs, we were able to get this huge behemoth up and running.

The project has the ability to be mobile. This was done several years as a liquid layout with a min-width of about 200px, but to be honest the design resembles the same features that a responsive design would today. There were also features, such as printing directions from point to point given by Google Maps which may or may not be available today. There were also features such as keeping track of visitor actions, incident reports, and large scale uploads of entire communities at a time. Most was done with little effort on the server using jQuery ajax calls, and html div support.

It took two separate designs to bring the full website to life and it was a great challenge adding additions to the overall project. This one took a lot out of me, but really was an easy project once the client got comfortable knowing that the system would be completed to their complete specs. Funny at times, but clients do know what they want, they are more afraid about telling you because they don’t want to be a burden. This creates a mis-communications and can be fixed by making sure the client feels comfortable, but at the same times understands that the project has a life cycle.