Suburban Noize Records

Getting several projects done at once was complicated at one point, but it works out in the end with reusable code. There are several different advantages used when creating re-usable coding structures such as MVC. With, we had a major challenge working with several development cycles, one of which was unexpected.

There were numerous options needed to make sure that the project got done on time once the final proposal was shown. There were new advancements in technology back then and one that was used was ajax single page lineups, which allowed us to make things work out. There was a mis-communications in the proposal but we were able to get much of the project done above specs and allowed us to create what is now

There were a few changes in the overall website, but much of the layout was done rather quickly with the help of mvc, as well as multiple changes on the fly over the phone. We were able to get a great response from the client and made it one of the best music platforms online. I thank everyone involved in this project, as it took a lot from everyone to get this huge project off the ground. All custom code, for easier modular-based-coding and quicker turnarounds with a learning curve.