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Syndicate Bleu

Helped with finalizing server migration and developing back-end and front-end selection for spoonful.com and familyfun.com using the Mustache Templating System using Drupal CMS. Scrum and Agile development cycles.

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2 Responses

  1. Varinda says:

    Enjoyed your article! I rellay am in need of some advice and have a great idea to bring to market but I am not quite sure how to begin. People keep pointing me to overseas manufacturers. Are there any local companies +/or USA you know of?Well, Contratulations to you and I rellay love hearing success stories of hard working moms. I hope to join in success.]]>

    • monkeyboz says:

      I worked with several companies dealing with manufacturing, can you please tell in detail what materials you are trying to use, and I should be able to help you from there.